WiFi / 802.11 Network Analysis


This course is designed for Wireless Network Engineers, and Ethernet Network engineers desiring to add wireless capabilities to an existing network that possess a basic to intermediate general networking knowledge. Successful completion of this course will provide these individuals with a skill-set and path-way into the field of Network and Wireless Analysis.

Recommended Course Prerequisites

For maximum effectiveness, attendees should have at least basic familiarity with TCP/IP networking, WiFi fundamentals and basic network infrastructure devices such as Switches, Routers, etc.

Course Description

WiFi/WLAN Network Analysis is a specialized sub-set of traditional Network Analysis and encompasses the skills of not only capturing data, but also the ability to discern unusual patterns hidden within seemingly normal network traffic. This course will provide the student with a set of analysis techniques focusing on the use of vendor-neutral, Open-Source Tools to provide insight into the following areas:

  • Wireless Network Analysis fundamentals
  • Data Recorder technology and data-mining
  • Wireless focused network security principles including encryption technologies and defensive configurations of network infrastructure devices
  • Recognition for a variety of issues that affect WiFi/WLAN-based networks and the quality of the data. Factors including, latency, out-of-sequence packets, packet loss and retransmissions and how the End-User experiences them will be analyzed and evaluated. Key Wireless related protocols including Data, Management and Control and related supporting protocol architectures will be examined.
  • Open-Source Wireless Network Analysis Tools
  • Specialized Wireless Network Analysis techniques including audio data traffic reconstruction and viewing techniques.
  • Real-World examples will be utilized throughout the course in conjunction with numerous hands-on exercises to provide field proven, practical Wireless Network Analysis skills. Attendees will receive a training binder including numerous baseline trace files and a DVD with VoIP and networking tools, as well as a library of Wireless Network Analysis reference documents.

Course Objectives

As a result of successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of Wireless Network Analysis and how to apply them
  • Select and configure various Open-Source tools for Wireless Analysis
  • Utilize these tools to recognize traffic patterns associated with Wireless network behavior
  • Understand and recognize potential Wireless network security infrastructure misconfigurations


5 days Classroom Instruction

Start/End Times


Recommended Class Size





Bring Your Own Device (Laptop with Windows)